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Complete a feasibility assessment in minutes.
Non-profit organizations can review 20 properties
in a single day using our report feature.

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Identify zoning, official plan land use, and secondary
plan restrictions. Receive a checklist of the government
agencies that a housing development will trigger.

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Access different maps and market analytics like future
transit, inclusionary zoning, average rentals and sales,
and zoning limitations.

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Housing Advisors
& Consultants

Easily review properties that trigger multiple by-law
zoning and planning regulations. Access regulatory
sections relevant to the property including old former
by-law policies.

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Affordable 360 is an all-in-one mapping and analytic platform for the affordable housing development industry. We leverage powerful cloud data solutions to provide you with the information you need in a matter of minutes. Our goal is to make the process of developing affordable housing in Canada more efficient and accessible.

Affordable 360 is funded by CMHC and is free for any non-profit organization and government agency working in the affordable housing industry. Click here to learn more.



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